Hello and welcome to my page. Yes, I know it is not the prettiest, but that is for good reason. I enjoy enduring the coding process and sharpening my skills. I could use the simple drag-and-drop tools out there, but I choose not to. I prefer learning at the nuts and bolts level.

This website showcases projects I have worked on during free time.

glamour shot of man

Website last updated on March 12, 2020 .

Most recent changes:

March 2020:
Simplified navigation by adding Products link and nesting other links.
Added the Job Seekers Resources to the products page.
Added Electrical Engineering to the products page.

Old changes:

Dec 2019:
Added video explaining why Color Potato is broken

Nov 2018:
Adjusted Memorable Adventures
Fixed a couple broken links
Change Here I Am Mom to Here I Am Friend

May 2018:
Added Memorable Adventures page

July 2017:
Added some hidden pages for soccer schedules. The team will be grateful!

June 2017:
Re-arranged the Isagenix page.

January 2017:
Added Color Potato app to the Android Projects page.

December 2016:
Fixed broken links in publications page.
Added prelimiary BISC page and added to top navigation.
Embedded shirt shop into clothing page.

August 2016:
Modified the nutrition page
Added Isagenix page
Added CSS stuff
Removed Candy Cabin game calendar
Grammar fixes on homepage
Color CSS changes

July 2016:
Removed necessity of .html extensions on pages.
Added another article to the Publications tab.
Added descriptions of articles in Publications tab.

April 2016:
Cleaned up links page.

December 2015:
Added PDFs of publications
Changed navigation on publications page

November 2015:
Added publications page
Fixed pictures for t-shirts
Added simpler, light-weight navigation bar
Added easy links and videos for joining Isagenix

October 2015:
Added link for Alien Apocalypse for iPAD

September 2015:
Added simple nutrition system link
Changed picture.
Added app info for 1 Call Well Locator
Added app info for Here I Am Mom

April 2014:
Added contact info

Pre-April 2014:
Removed Guestbook links
Moved/Changed several hyperlinks
Added a link for android app: DoubleDivider
Moved APEX Team Schedules link to links page
Added a link for APEX team schedules


Building your own

This hosting site costs ~$130 for 1 year. If you're interested in doing one of your own, just ask me about it.